Saturday, April 7, 2007

March 12 * Day 3

Today we went to Ellie’s. It was hectic; Maudie didn’t want to go into the soft crate and I didn’t have a plan to get her in…so Karen held onto her for a bit until she started “talking”…that collie moan and howl/whine. So I worked with her a little: heel position. (Just walk and when she looks at it…praise and treat.) Sit and Stand.
But not stay yet.
Body parts. Handle them and name them. We should do this every day.
And then I put her in the car.
When I let her out before we drove home and she jumped back in when I asked, I was wildly happy. Something about the willingness and the power of this dog amazes me.

Sonny and I worked a bit…we have a trial this weekend. 8am. Albany.

As I was driving to and from Newberg, I was hyper aware of the fact that the people driving around me could see my collie. And what a gift that was to them. How insane with joy I would be to see that. Don’t you know I said aloud you are looking at the God-og? How lucky you are! It was then that I realized that collies are my religion.

I recall sharply the first time we went back into the kennel at KV and Leslie and Eva let Simon out t to meet us. He rose up on back legs, this enormous rough blue merle, and I said, “This makes me believe in GD.” L & E got that. They knew what I meant.

I discovered that I can ask her to “lie-down” from the driver’s seat and she will lie down in the back of the wagon.

*these are posts written on the title dates, but not posted until the blog date.

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