Saturday, April 7, 2007

March 24

24 march

Went to the Dove Lewis AAT conference today. Lots of labs in their vests lying on the carpet in the meeting room…croissants and muffins and coffee and power point. It felt like a good place; the people with dogs knew who was on the other end of the leash and there was lightness and a sense of camaraderie and fulfillment. I longed to have Maudie there with me on her new therapy dog lead (!!!). IN 6 months we can interview and then take the class, then the test. I have no doubt that she will do really well. She is solid and loving and willing.

Tonight, she tried to squeeze herself into the papillon bed, like Olivia used to do, and it was hilarious, because the pap beds are big enough for her head only…but she was in there, scratching around and then spinning down…I got pictures…but they’re not as good as seeing her actually work to get in…

I have gotten off track writing. Getting up so early, having Maude, it has thrown me off…. I need to regroup. Sitting down, like now, at 145am isn’t going to work anymore…

Grow strong for walking.
Revisit the writing project and schedule.

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