Saturday, April 7, 2007

April 7

april 7

Spring is here and life becomes chaotic. The sky is filled with sprouts and the ground is soggy and emerald, all manner of green swords and pink cups appearing on the horizon and at our feet.

Maudie is pure pleasure. She is a collie: wise, gentle, funny, and modest. Everyday I see more of her soundness, that rock steady presence that has given me courage and energy to get out. Every night we go for a walk.

And yesterday, after a difficult first meeting with the long narrow staircase to Sharon’s office, we altered the plan and all went and sat by the river. Maude wanted to sit on Sharon’s lap, bury her head in mine. After a while she lied down between us and fell asleep. We chased a flock of Canadian geese away. She had on both her Roadie harness and her therapy dog vest.

On our way home, we stopped at Gabriel Park to see when the dog park would reopen so my girl could have a good lope…turns out there is a winter park. So we walked all around the back acres and through the woods, up the hill---the day was perfect—72 degrees and clear—to find a patch of dirt fenced in on a hill. I heard the screeching of a dogfight, as we got closer so I nixed the idea and we walked back on the trails. Through the special shadow of trees, on the gorgeous paths that lead somewhere, and sometimes over a brook or a bridge. My history came seeping back into my body like sunlight.

How many years I have wanted to go back into the woods..How many years have I forgone the pleasure thinking I had no place there? Did I know that it would take a collie to get me there? She has become my therapy dog, in service of getting me out into the world. When she is with me, I am unafraid, I am bold, I am curious. I just have to help my body catch up with the desire! These things alon are vest-worthy.

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