Saturday, April 7, 2007

March 26

26 March 26, 2007

Early morning. I just returned from taking M to the hospital for day surgery. When I left it was dark; now the sun has come up just over the horizon. The morning is amazing. People are out walking with dogs or running or waiting for the bus and all the lights f the city are winking and in the houses on the hills people are getting up for work where one light burns. In some of these houses stacked and textured into the hills, tragedy is occurring and there is pain. But on the street all is cool promise; if you’ve made it this far out of bed, you’re on your way.

I took Flynnie with me and on the way home I drove into the Dairy to see the velodrome and the Little league fields and the Opera house; the Alpenrose compound is a cross between an army barracks, a fair ground and an historical museum. What is absent are the herds of cows, white and black on the greens. Now only the giant trucks come in from Tillamook with silver tanks of milk.

There I so much to say. Unexpected moments like when the new Lassie film arrives and I don’t even need to watch it because I have a collie. And then I think…I have a collie. My collie. And everyday is a day of revelations and promise.

All the dogs have settled back in to various postures of sleep around the table. It is just after 7. I could go back to sleep.

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