Saturday, April 7, 2007

March 14

Still walking in a dream. I was thinking about a bumper sticker that says, “I may believe in Gd, but collies are my religion.”

I was thinking about my generation’s relationship to the collie via Lassie; the film the book, the TV show and WHY I think all those people on the road should gasp when they see her…The iconic collie.

And then that it was Terhune who solidified, cemented--all the wrong words-- ignited my passion for both the body and the character of the breed.

How many breeder bios mention those sources? Lassie and Lad? Almost all.
What is the relationship between the literature and the life? How all this brings me to this point: Maud and therapy work. Who would I rather see more if I were sick or lonely or depressed than a collie?

It would be a very very short list….

These are the next pages I need develop in this project. I have the year…to get it on its feet.

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