Sunday, March 11, 2007


Almost a month early we’re springing the clocks forward. So my body says 2 but my eyes say 3. We’re into Day 2 now and I can hardly believe how incredible this girl is. She slept in the car on the way home, came out tail wagging, peed in her yard, ate her supper, looked around. Slept all night without a peep…but an occasional moan and rattle of the crate as she re arranged herself.

So this is the collie. She pads around the house like a lion, and at times I feel like I’m deep in the ocean and she is a whale floating by. She is all restrained power and steady calm. She follows me around the house, but without the edge of fear. Maybe she is a little unsure, and knows me best. The largest and the smallest dogs are like my moons.

Flynn has her well in hand, Gus is slightly outraged and Sonny is overwhelmed by her bulk…but she has been very good about backing off. and about going outside and eating and chewing her chews…she even puts herself in her crate to rest. When she;s not sprawled out in the middle of the floor, an enormous beast, a fourth lion, a fourth wolf, a fourth gentle, otherworldy whale.

She trusts the world. She trusts people. She is confident and strong.
We are calling her Maudie-- My Audie-- to temper the “mighty in battle*” to mean “noble strength**” *Matilda of which Maude is a diminutive ** Audrey “noble strength”
Lindsay is too much like Flynnie and Lizzy, and I hope Leslie and Eva will like Maudie.

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