Sunday, January 21, 2007

the spaniels

A friend who was over for supper one night asked me: "Do you really want a big hairy dog with a tail at coffee table height in this cozy house? " I thought about it. No. Nor do I want a dog with 6 times the undercoat of a corgi to comb out, with a long topcoat to boot.
Not that collies won't forever be very special to me. Just from a distance. At least for now.

The Papillons have gotten me keenly interested in the spaniels because of their temperament. Papillons are dwarf spaniels. Big easy going stable cousins could rock.

The List as they came into view: Welsh Springer. Field. English Cocker. Clumber. Sussexx.
The List today in order of preference: Field. English Cocker.
I would have liked to kept the Welsh on but not a single WSS person has returned my emails. Not a good sign. I already have files of letters to and fro from the Field spaniel people.

So at this point this is welcome to the Field Spaniel.
Next I'll tell the story of Henry. And why this process went from 5mph to 60.

I also need to talk about what holds me back. "What causes me to hesitate" is a better phrase.

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