Monday, January 22, 2007

an inside story

Who will ever read this? If someone else wrote about this process I'd be on it in a flash.
I have been reading Sue Aibley's blog about choosing and training her PWD puppy. It's great. Reminds me about puppies: how much work they are, how much fun they are, how much input you can have.

Sonny is breathing like a teenaged boy in his sleep. I am so moved by him. Everything he does. Everything. I suppose that is what "in love" means.

Tonight I tried to broach the subject of the 4th dog w/M. Last week, on our way to school, I told him what I was thinking about. He said he felt overwhelmed as it is. And " I'm not saying no. But I'm not saying yes either. "

I thought that was a great that I look at it though, it says pretty much nothing. I think I know what it must have been like to grow up in the house in Maine, and why no one asked for anything. Once he me told that when they were kids that if they asked, the ACT of asking often got them a no. I'm shaking my head in disbelief. The parents would throw a vague suggestion of going to the movies.....if the kids got excited and asked an hour or so later ..then the answer was no?

I kind of feel like that is the message he's sending. He said he'd think about it....but he resists my attmepts to bring it up and I wonder f he really IS thinking about it...and how. I remembered how, when Cubby was here, HE was the one who thought we should keep him..."Look!" he said. "He looks like a little collie." I need to be patient.

I've been writing fast & furiously with AC and CB about Fields. They sound pretty much perfect...if only I could make them English Cocker size! (papillons). I wrote the woman in New England that CR suggested & we'll see what she says. She has roan ECs.

Gosh they were pretty. You just want to fold them in your arms and smooch on them. That's a great start for therapy I'd say! And they exude joy. Sweet.

I never heard a word from any of the Welsh people I wrote. (well, all 2 of them)

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