Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Figuring the Focus (of the search & the blog)

The appeal of documentation is the sustained focus as well as the record that can reveal a process that had been hidden.

I’m not sure a public blog is wise…well it isn’t if I censor. But why censor? Again it is a matter of audience. Whose eyes do I imagine on the page. What would I be holding back? My fear and my doubt. My impatience. Names. (Newsmaker above)


DW mentioned tonight hat I should not count out the papillon as a therapy dog. I understand that is entirely possible, but I can’t quite picture it. In my mind there is a dog large enough for a child to lean against. A dog of some physical substance. A dog with big paws and an attention spot a little higher off the floor. I want to be able to SEE him when he's in heel position! But he need still be small enough to be safe around the papillons.

This dog I can see. He lives vividly in my mind. He is a silvery dark blue roan. His feet and hocks are black, he moves effortlessly, just ahead of me on the left. Those glorious constellations of color shimmer in his coat. He moves with purpose. We are walking down a hallway. His confidence is contagious; his devotion to duty is leading the way.

I’ve been weighing the 2 breeders I’ve been in conversation with. I got to meet L and her dogs. Confident curious. She showed me how she banged the ex pen when they were little so they would be unfazed by the noise. She pointed out how like a wheelchair a crate dolly, piled with crates was (Corgi size crates I might add.) Her consorts, or mentees said how much kinder and focused on the welfare of the dogs she was than the other breeders they had met.

I liked her. She had the look of perpetual amusement that someone who is comfortable in their skin, in the world and in their choices has. She was easy to talk to. Pleasant. That piece of smile is what I remember the strongest. And looking down into the dour sad faces of these very happy dogs. Her young male was the most impressive. He had lovely posture and his tail was constant. The girls were a little more distracted. Its like the boys are so present in the attention they are given; the girls always have an eye on what’s going on behind and around.

Her mentee is also planning a litter, possibly using that boy.

S has been extremely generous with information. Very kind and present in her responses. She is breeding to dogs I’ve heard good things about and whose conformation I admire. Calm outgoing dogs that get on with children are what she’s after. And I love her kennel name. Well, I like them both…but hers is really special.

S has a litter due in Feb, but a waiting list that may be as large as the litter. The in there would be more boys than girls. And orange and whites. She is planning another litter later on that is very appealing. BR dam, OW sire.

There is one other I’m tempted by and that is a kennel that breeds solids with lots of working titles. Used to be close by…re located to the Midwest. Haven’t written. Don’t want to spread myself too thin.

Still. I need to find some local ECs to hang out with….

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