Sunday, January 21, 2007

the search

I'm setting up this blog in order to track the process of the 4th dog. Our population has fluctutated in the last several years from 4 to 3 and back because of the death of Olivia The Last Corgi, and Cubby, beloved Papillon who we took in at the age of 11.

My pledge was to wait until Olivia was over the bridge. The other pledge was to wait until all the Papillons had at least a CD. Within 3 days of her leaving, Cubby appeared in need of a home. When Cubby passed over, we were heartbroken, but the pack felt managable. Intimate even. It's been seven months since he's gone. We are one leg away from the goal of 3 CDs.

I can't recall from where or how the button was pushed, but the collie that was to be the original 3rd or 4th dog has shapeshifted from a Silky Terrier to a Beldington to a Manchester to a spaniel. The spaniel hunt has been quite intense. But I'm ahead of myself.

Ever since I stopped volunteering at Animal Aid (I felt of so little use) I have been looking for a way to serve. I've always been interested in animal assisted therapy and recently, in the R.E.A.D program. This is the program where children with reading & learning difficulties read to a dog and the handler acts as a kind of background tutor.

Not only does it help the child build skills & confidence, but it is a way to educate children about respect for animals. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. (what an appropriate metapor, huh!?)

In November I also busted through a 7 year writing block & am working on essays again, many of which touch on this process, and the whole psychic squaredance of reality and imagination. I wanted somewhere to document this process with the only goal to be documentation. So. The 4th Dog.

I'm coming in a little late, as I've been through several incarnations (see list above.) But if I know e, it is just beginning.

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