Sunday, January 28, 2007


Saturday (January 27), I got a letter from AC that the H/E litter was born (6) and genders are forthcoming. She sent me a link to some puppies in England that are from the same line. At 7 weeks they are unbearably cute and full of promise.

Were the circumstances different, if we didn’t have papillons to watch out for, I would be on it like white on rice. I just think they are too hefty. If there was a burst of enthusiasm, a 7lb-er could go flying, and I can’t risk that.

I’m going to have to bow off the Field. It is a sadness. I have grown really very attracted to them. I love the fact that they will carry their own ear in their mouth if nothing else is available, and that they are great “talkers.” They are reputed to be very laid back and sweet and funny. The color is lovely too…the chocolate.

So much about this litter seemed other wise so perfect. I love the sire, the dam has a reputation for a fabulous temperament and I really like the person who owns them. All the pieces fit, except one. Well two….

Every once in a while I get a jolt of hope…they’re not THAT big…. but then I pull back.
A part of me keeps hoping that when I wake up in the morning that something will be different and it will work! But, I don’t think I could be comfortable being as vigilant as I’d need to be for peace of mind.

Maybe there is a way...

Anyway. I’m marking the day. A Birthday!!

KB’s puppies were born yesterday, on Mark’s birthday.. 2 sable male papillons.

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