Sunday, January 21, 2007

the papillons set the bar high

Here is a Sonny story. Just to show you what other breeds are up against in the brain department.

Sonny is the youngest of the 3 papillons. Just to show you how smart a Papillon is:

I taught him early on "Can I have that please?" because he is always picking up stuff he shouldn't have. Pens, bits of parrot toys, candles, silver ware (ah!!! utility dog!) . When he brings it to me and hands it over, I give him a little treat in return and a Thankyou! We trade.

One day when I was washing the dog beds I found that he had stashed all this stuff in between the wall of the bed and the "floor," a book of matches, a candle stub, a pair of sscissors, some big paper clips. I realized that he had started a bank! When he wanted a treat, he would go fish something out, and bring it over for trade!!

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