Saturday, February 16, 2008


photo by Jonathan Maus of
Here I am AGAIN, in bed, but this time with either the flu or a wicked bad cold. Probably caught this one on the plane. Sore throat, headache, stuffed to the nines. I’m a little better than I was, but after a previous sick day and my trip to Boston, I could not miss another day of teaching so I taught on Thursday until my voice just plain gave out and I crashed.

I feel bad for ol’ Maudie. She insists on being on the floor by the bed until she gets so bored she has to go rip up a cardboard box from recycling or bark at the tarmac. The she comes back and lies down again with her eyes open. The papillons seem to just luxuriate in it. They all come hustling up to take their place on the bedscape, turn on the alarm (in case anyone should even think of coming near the house) and nestle in.

This weekend was forecast to be sunny and warm, the notice of which melted my edges a bit. It would’ve been the weekend to get back on the bike and really go riding, but as it is, the day is sharp and overcast. And tomorrow?

So I lie here and read about handmade bicycles, remembering that I missed the North American Handmade Bicycle Show for Rachel’s Bas Mitzvah in Boston last weekend. Seems I missed more than just the bikes. LA was there and ended up buying the BIS bike (by Naked). This brought on talk about his shop in Austin: a cycling shop for commuters. Sounds like he wants to impact the city transportation plan to make it more like Portland’s: i.e. Bike Friendly.

Of course when you read about this on the site you get a cascade of comments about his devious self serving vanity…We love successful people…but only if they truly become like the gods….wait…not even the gods were perfect, were they…

It’s like people’s response to art..many times they are so afraid they are being tricked that they just become cynical and diss the whole lot. Then they can be safe behind a mask of I know better You won’t fool me with your tricks mr smartynose

LA is an amazing man in enough respects to have earned his stature. He is probably the premier athlete of our time, he survived a sure death sentence signed by cancer AND he has given enormous amounts of attention and money to the LIVESTRONG foundation…Now he wants to activate Austin TX (his hometown to become more bike friendly…

He’s just Got to have an ulterior motive….Well, he won’t fool ME, they cried in unison.
(It’s ironic..the person who commented about his vanity has a picture of herself as an avatar which shows up alongside comments…)


  1. I think there is a virus going around the internet that hits people and not computers. It seems everyone has it...blogosphere flu?
    Anyway it's nice to have four legged nurses.

  2. ah...if they only had thumbs....;-)