Thursday, March 6, 2008


We’re finally getting back into the world. Out of bed and into our boots. Monday we’ll go back to Ellie’s and yesterday we worked in the library.

Two of the kids didn’t show up, but as we waited, several others came over and asked to meet Maudie. One was a young boy who was so charmed that he kept finding reasons to come back and talk to Maudie, and Maudie clearly liked him, offering her paw and sitting close to him. His mom signed him up for our next library day.

A gaggle of girls came too. They told me all about their dogs while they twirled Maudie’s hair and exclaimed over the length of her “snout.” They too signed up to read to her.

Best of all, our friend T came back with her mom and baby sister. She is only in kindergarten, but reads up a storm. In 20 minutes she read 6 books. Maudie either sat next to her, or settled down by her chair, prompting her to say that it was obvious that Maudie really liked being read to. I love that.

I already feel attached to T and because of her, feel more committed to continue working at that branch, even though we are also going to work once a week in an after school program. The thought of disappointing T is just untenable to me…but I suppose I should keep in mind that it’s just as likely that she could stop coming, or sign up for the days when the poodle is there. Boundaries?

I was very proud of Maudie. Even when a group of kids surrounded her, she was calm and seemed to enjoy the attention. She sat in front of kids who dropped to their knees to see her and shook hands a thousand times, which delighted them.

She’s funny. I can see her scanning the room and counting all the people who have yet to introduce themselves. And I think she also looks for familiar faces. It will be interesting to see how she responds to kids who become regulars.

It will be a busy spring. We’re signed on for more work, and I have a show to get ready for in August. I also want to get back on the bike; I really miss riding.

But if I ever feel overwhelmed, I’ll just remember some of those dark hours lying in bed wondering why in the world I was even in the world. And I will be grateful for the company of my dog and the good work we can do.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. I think this was a hard winter on everyone.

    My dogs love being read to and it is such a great experience for the children.