Sunday, February 3, 2008


Starting to feel better after a week. The weather has been wildly uncommitted: snow, rain, sun, rain, and snow. In any case, getting out has been a gamble. With my trip to Boston upcoming, I ‘m trying to mend and stay that way. So no walks, certainly no rides and a lot of time in bed.

We lost our DSL connection for 2 days, the 2 days I was most sick, so not only was I unavailable to my students on the day I missed class, but I suffered internet withdrawal. A craving for sweets, irritability, restlessness, gloom. Add to that bitter soup 24 hours of talking to tech support while sitting on the cold dusty floor in M’s studio where the modem lives, 36 hours of waiting for the techs, the discovery, after 24 hours of working with the tech, that moving the modem to another room DOES affect connectibility, and you get one soggy supper.

But I did manage to get into my studio and start some new work. A surge of energy and I started 3 new pieces. Working always grounds and calms me. And this morning, a day without obligation, I stood with a hot cocoa and all the dogs around me before the big bay window and watched the snow fill the air. Even if most of it melted when it hit the ground, enough was falling and dusting the trees to make in the world a ghostly and elegant peace. So it was a good day.

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