Monday, February 4, 2008

Full House

That's a puppy picture of Maya, one of my favorite of K’s papillons. She is having puppies any day now. There’s a good chance they were conceived on the same day that Sonny won HIT…AND the dad is a NICE dog…a Kirby grandson…(if I remember correctly.) Kirby was the papillon who won Best in Show at Westminster…was it 1999? Lovely dog.

I have my hands full training Maudie for Novice and moving Flynn and Sonny into Open, plus the therapy work that we are just starting. There is no room right now for another. There just isn’t. Tempting and delicious as this litter may be…I will just have to imagine that maybe the great grandmother of my next puppy will be in it.

Tempting…but 3 is my limit. We have 4, but Gus is M’s dog. Still when he hangs out with us, or needs me, I can feel the pack pulling at the seams; there is plenty love, but only so much time, and my relationship with each one individually deserves its due.

I went on the walk tonight, after a week of not walking because of this darn cold. It felt great. And I LOVE watching the paps zip along in the plaid coats I made them. They look so fetching!


  1. Three is definately a logical limit, but I can't seem to be logical when it comes to dogs.

  2. I know what you mean...!!! for me it's a challenge to spend as much time as possible with the ones I love...esp when I remember thAT sad fact of time passing...