Thursday, August 9, 2007

a s l o w summer for writing

I’ve dropped the ball, or the pen, as far as keeping up with the essays and blog this summer. Sometimes I wonder if when “one’s” heart’s desires are fulfilled, making dog collars becomes enough... But no worries. The summer is for making things and hanging out wordlessly with the dogs. In the studio. Training. Taking photographs. But here’s a small update:

Maudie was spayed in June and had was a remarkably FAST recovery.
She has been many places with me. Crowded openings, fabric stores, my classroom on finals day, visiting, city streets. She does not disappoint. She likes everyone she meets and conducts herself with dignity. Although she has developed a yen for meeting the dogs we encounter on our evening walks and that can make her a wild girl. We’re working on it.
She is learning to heel...I think the most difficult of all the obedience exercises....and her work with the dumbbell is rapid.
She has a depth of intelligence that surprises me; she is both eager to please and an independent thinker, as well as a sophisticated and hilarious comedienne.
I find working with her very comfortable...her steady good nature rubs off on me.
Meanwhile, the papillons, my little flutterbugs, also do well. Flynn amazes me with her generosity and intelligence. she is my fairy princess, my wise alien, my heart.

It is 6 months now since Maudie has been here, so it is time to get back to Dove Lewis and start prepping for the therapy work.
I'm not quite sure what KIND of work she'll most enjoy...Probably visiting a whole gaggle of people....wihtout llingering.
ALthough when I took her with me to school for the final day, she immedieatly stretched out on the floor for a maybe she'll be a good READ dog after all!

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