Saturday, August 25, 2007


I have been feeding a homemade and raw diet for years now...but recently found a kibble I can get behind. Orijen is grain free, Canadian made, and the company appears to have a sense of ethics. (My sense is that in Canada, farms are more important than corporations...I could be wrong...sigh...)

The dogs get this kibble in the am with some cottage cheese/yogurt and for supper they have raw.
When Maudie came to me, she was eating a pretty decent fish based kibble that she seemed to do quite well on, so I went searching for a similiar product of a little higher caliber (in terms of ingredients/company profile). That's how I found Orijen. Not only are all the dogs doing well, but they really LIKE it!! Even the papillons...the wee gourmands...(ewwww, I can't eat that, the tripe is touching the egg!!!)

I can talk about dog food all day, having spent QUITE alot of time reading, thinking and prepping around it. There are lots of good options. Here's one to add to the repetoire.

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