Monday, August 27, 2007


When I began this blog, I was just starting on the journey of the 4th dog. An idea had surfaced about another way to serve, to do good, through a relationship with animals.

I have always believed that animals can guide us to our best selves; they model joy, courage and generosity. They can bring us smack into the present, back into our bodies, confer on us a sense of peace. But you know that....

I find myself wanting to embrace people with the same generosity. Like many of us whose lives revolve around animals, I have heard myself say how much more I prefer dogs to people. It was Suzanne Clothier who suggested that a lesson we should learn from our dogs, who love US unconditionally, is to also love us…our own species: human beings.

It was a natural progression to the idea then of therapy work. I could work WITH my dog to help people in various states of need. It is easy to love people who are vulnerable; in fact I think we love others best when they show us that vulnerability. A good place to start.

I started the blog thinking about breeds—probably my favorite pastime anyway—and learned a lot more about various spaniels, shelties, Bedlington and Manchester Terriers…

But when the fog lifted, the way was clear, and there at the gate was Maudie. This was late February. Since then, the focus has shifted to the bonding, the day to day, the next stage of this life together. The Art and Science.

The fact that I have a collie…a collie!!!!......again, has brought me fully into the present, into the possibility of more good work, and it has thrown yet another lifeline to that collie –obsessed girl I was….but more about that later.
(The Mythology. Meet: Albert Payson Terhune.)

Hands in pockets to feel the dust of the earth, eyes to the heavens.

The blog takes shape in the best changes and grows.
That is a photo of Sunnybank Thane...handsome profile eh?!

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