Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Small Setback

We were much relieved when Gus’ dental went without a hitch, an extraction and was home before noon. And no crystals! But Flynnie’s dental resulted in 3 pulled incisors and the little growth on her eyelid turned out to be the tip of an iceberg, so she is in recovery with an e-collar and I had to postpones my trip to pick Lindsay up tomorrow.
In a way it’s a small relief, it gives me more time to get ready. In another way it’s a disappointment. I can’t wait to have her here to look at and touch.
The full force of this breed love has hit the shore and I really don’t understand how I withheld for so long…withstood. Denied? Not that the other breeds don’t interest me. They do. I’m wildly interested in them in fact. But I don’t love another breed the way I do collies. The tribe of collie. The gestalt of collie. The outline. And what other breed could possibly serve with me so well as a collie? What body could walk into a room bringing the same joy and beauty and gravitas?
The papillons I love as individuals more than as members of a breed. But then they don’t come packing a deep historic connection.

After seven days Flynn should be back to herself, if still banging around in that collar. And used to it as well. I’m not quite sure what to make of the fact that that eye is the planet on which Flynn and I met. The day I first saw her her eye was giving her trouble and that night I was woken by what felt like an ember in my eye. And now…the day before I was to go get the next girl, she has surgery on that very eye. The tumor was far deeper that we thought. Is there a connection between the physical aspect of the story, i.e. whatever was bothering that eye developed into a growth? Is there a metaphorical connection?

Yes. I worry that they will feel displaced, even though they will not be. I am committed to everyone keeping their place, and even solidifying everyone’s “job.” She is an addition, not a replacement. All 3 will come with me to EW’s. Flynn will still be my Sharon dog, my Boston dog, my girlfriend. And Sonny’s place in my heart gets fatter by the day…

Maybe it will stop raining by next Friday…maybe the sun will shine on the long stretches of road to KV.

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