Saturday, March 10, 2007

thursday march 8 late

a significant moment in a significant day. the beginning of the day I go down to get Lindsay…who I more and more want to call Ailie... it’s just the name that sticks. IN any case…
I showed the first half of The Thin Red Line today. It was cloudy. I had to park far away and I was late. I had no coffee and no water, but I got ice water. I couldn’t get the sound to turn on until a student figured out it was on the DVD not the player.

Stopped at Western Pet to buy the kibble and another bag of better kibble. The guy was great. He gave me samples of the chicken/salmon raw for Lindsay. I got home as M was leaving to an apt—his 2nd of the day and I arranged to run over to MH so Laird could look at Flynn’s eye, which is finely healing.

I got an email about a KVC who is seriously ill with autoimmune problems…allergies. It freaked me out…Her other KV dog is fine. Somehow I plodded like a little rowboat over it…riding it all evening and then letting it go. I want to have the glory of this piece of time…these hours where the dream surfaces like the answer in an eight ball. It says Most Definitely.

Moments of space panic and sadness over the papillons losing a little piece of my time/attention. Although that does not have to be….We can all go places. more places together…Lindsey will be our vampire slayer…our own personal Buffy.

I have things to clean up , move around, stuff in bags for my trip tomorrow. M said simply…focus on the dream coming true…its just a little chaos at the edge…

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