Thursday, February 15, 2007

Up to Caledonia

Drizzle and cool. Grey. I drove out along the Columbia to Scapoose and then up the Vernonia Road along a stream, under the trees on a rutted road. 7 miles up, I mile farther up, beyond the dead end, down the gravel road, over the wooden bridge. I was in another world. And in that world, I had changed my life. I was driving many such unknown roads in the rain, driving up into the coast range. I was not afraid, not anxious.

There is a frazzle in the spiral there; the blueberry swirled into vanilla. I try to practice restraint in word and deed and I unravel some evenings thinking I’ve given too much away. Like a dream in which you appear naked, only I’m not. It’s just that I can’t find an “off switch.”

Keeping company with myself on a mission.

Up to Caledon. It was like Kings Valley only everything was in miniature, even BA is small. But sturdy and elegant in an earthy way. She has a gentle face and a body that works hard. She walked me around in the rain. Everything was so green and charcoal grey.

I met the little girl she spoke of in the letter. The one in the photo. At first I was more taken by the 2 puppies out of Primo the Scotsman, a bit younger, in the pen with the Westar/Caledon daughter. They were energetic and the boy was sweet; the girl a little too much. B told me the WC girl was the steadiest, the others had a switch that could turn off, but she held. She is fat and fluffy and very feminine. Very pretty and turning a dark dark sable. Gentle. It took a moment to engage her (correct temperament) but then we were fine.

I thought she was a little dull at first. Maybe because the other 2 were edging her out and she let them, and because she was more focused on B, and not pushy.

Went down and met her father, her grandmother, her grand aunt, her grandfather, a half sister. The father and grandfather were substantial handsome boys, but the father she said had been a kennel dog and thus he would not approach me. He circled and kept hi s attention on B, although the production of a toy riveted and focused him. I could touch him when she held him.

Went back up and sat with the puppies. The 2 red sables nipped and pulled at my clothes, the scamps. She was well behaved. I picked her up and she snuggled in and laid her head on my shoulder like Sonny does. I held and looked out into the woods listening to the creek and to B on the phone and I relaxed. She ---now that I think of it---has some magic.

And I could name her whatever I want with Caledon in there. And her birthday is the same as Cubby’s: Aug 17. And I met her on Valentines Day…and these things line up in the sky.

I like the TYPE of the Wintercreek shelties better…more collie-ish. And I connected with DG. But I also respect the wisdom B carries and the reputation for infallible temperaments she has earned among performance people I know about. Not to mention that the girl is gorgeous, a jewel that B is obviously smitten with.only problem is she’s probably not likely to go much over 13.5”. “Grow, grow!” she said she whispers to her.

If she comes off the mountain as solid as she is ON the mountain, she could be my R.E.A.D dog. She has Olivia and Sonny’s middle of the road temperament and sweet sweetness.

Or I could wait for a pup out of Buzz/Sandy and drag him/her around everywhere to socialize. Sheltie Assertiveness Training. Get a really outgoing and up up dog.

I have thought of her all day. Valentine’s day.

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