Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Names have been changed. When I read this letter, I felt like a radio had gone on in my body for a moment. Just imagine...

Dear Elizabeth, Good to hear from you! I've been giving our talk a lot of thought....E & I understand your feeling about a big male. How would you feel about a 2 yr. old (just turned 2) sable rough bitch? She weighs about 50-60 lbs. You may have met her at the show, I don't remember if she was with me when we talked. In light of your request, we feel she is better suited to the work you have in mind for her than she is for showing and breeding. I have exposed her to town trips (travel, meeting people in new settings) and children (whom she loves) and recently to shows. She is TOTALLY SOLID in temperament. She is loving, outgoing, stable & bright. Because she is the daughter of our beloved Finn it would be wonderful if you would consider training her and showing her in Rally or Obedience or Performance events. Would you be interested in that? We have always valued the versatility of the breed and in our family of collies specifically so obedience titles are very meaningful to us! You have the experience to train for competition and we feel she has the intelligence and temperament and eagerness to please that competition obedience requires :) I realize that the READ program is your first priority with your collie, but we thought we'd ask you about the idea of also training and competing for obedience, rally or performance titles. Hope you don't mind my asking! Let us know if you'd like to meet her. She is special, in her prime, and we wouldn't consider letting her go to someone without the experience to appreciate her quality and potential! I know shelties are smaller, but none could be as solid in temperament nor as loving to everyone as she is! It was nice to see you again! Best Regards, collie breeders

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