Monday, February 12, 2007


Everything changes. So far all that is required of me is faith. I should stay true. I should quit scrubbing lines out of previous posts because I don’t like what I thought at that moment. Like somewhere I took out a line about knowing in my heart that the FS was not to be. But because I didn’t want that to be true a day later…I deleted it. Why? Because it might be wrong? But it was true when I said it, and there is no truth but this one.

So M came with over to Wintercreek to see the Flash daughter this evening. I didn’t expect much, thinking that Caledon was going to be better…. because I know someone in OB w/Caledon dogs, and because I have heard of BA. So what a surprise when we walked into the room where a pen was set up and 5 gorgeous 3-4month old puppies were standing up on the pen clambering to come out and meet us, and then dog after dog who came in took my breath away with possibility and with, really, a promise fulfilled. They were of the type I like; the collie like shelties who look like they could run and jump and trot. And they were very stable. I did not witness any spookiness, only one moment of cringe and dash. I had in my mind that the standard, that the character of the sheltie is one of reserve, but here were dogs as boisterously friendly as Buffy the Papillon.
There was one girl, Carmie, who flew right up on the couch with us, rubbing against like Gus does like a cat, like you can’t get close enough and then she draped herself over us utterly taken with her own good character and charm. I loved her instantly. (Brook x Chase)
The girl we went to see is about a week and ½ younger and held back for a few minutes. But soon she was my friend and by the end of the evening she was crawling into my lap to sleep and she had the most amazing eye contact. I liked her more and more. (Bridget x Flash)
There was a beautiful boy who was very very independent and shy…though steady and by the end of the evening, he was my friend too… (Brook x Chase)
And then we met Sandy who is going to have puppies any minute now. She was a deep red sable and she hopped up on the ottoman and we took turns getting kisses from her. She was lovely.
I asked to see the sire of the litter…and “are you ready for Buzz?” Debby asked several times…and in came Buzz, the male sheltie version of Buffy. GORGEOUS masculine DARK sable with a black saddle and so effusive and alive. Mark’s face just bloomed as they interacted…and it was hard to deny his energy. We loved him. Imagine a puppy out of those 2?!?!?! And I was thinking…hmmmm…maybe a boy.
Brook was cautious but steady. She warmed to Mark more quickly. Bridget was the MOST reserved…and that worried me a little about Ali….that hesitation…would it get more hesitant? Or could you counteract it with lots of socialization. I had to remember my purpose is to find a dog who appears a very good candidate for therapy.
Debby said that Ali was as social as Carmie. And maybe in a week, she will be more so. But really, its not like she wasn’t social…just not AS social as Carmie.
Flash was in Port Orchard, but we did get to meet Chase, who was calm and steady. I mostly remember him sitting in Mark’s lap, whereas Buzz was leaping around playfully and throwing kiss kiss kiss. Debby said nothing bothers him. Flash DID freak out at the National when a crowd of children ran up some echoey steps and they couldn’t get him back in time for the photo.
So the puppies on the ground were out of Chase or Flash and Brook, Bridgett or Splash. Flurry, the boy was Chase/Brook.
Carmie was Chase/Brook.
Ali was Flash/Bridget.
The other 2 adorable and younger ones were Splash /Chase.
Soon to be on the ground: Buzz/Sandy.

I’ll go back next week. I said over and over that I liked all the puppies, but had to keep in mind that I was looking for someone extraordinarily stable, confident outgoing.
They all seemed stable. Ali was the most intense. Carmie the most vibrant and outgoing.

We’ll see. On Wednesday I go see Caledon dogs…and then it will be both more complicated and clearer. I must promise myself not to dodge…..but to simply acknowledge the truth as it appears.

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