Monday, November 10, 2008

The First Dog

On another note….I am quite certain that I have the answer to what kind of dog the Obama’s should get. ;-)

First off: I PRAY they don’t fall for the “oodle” scam. There are some nice ones, no doubt…but I am appalled at the prices people are willing to pay for a mongrel. There is no breed uniformity, no standard…and no guarantee of being “hypo-allergenic.”

But! I vote for a standard poodle from a really good breeder, a big poodle as elegant, intelligent, funny, dignified as the family itself. And they don’t shed. In my mind it’s a white standard poodle, but I think the black ones are said to be the most stable and intelligent.

A ex racing greayhound is an elegant choice, but I’m not sure one would be “fun” enough for the girls.

I keep thinking about the terriers…a Kerry Blue, a Wheaton or maybe an Airedale. Cairn or Westie maybe….Scotties are too dour…

But I think a Standard Poodle would be perfect.

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