Saturday, November 22, 2008


Things have been relatively quiet around here. In my research on seizures I discovered that there is a high success rate for melatonin given to dogs who have seizures in their sleep. So Maudie is getting 3mg at bedtime...

I've also been informed that the off-gassing of polyester, the waves sent by wireless computer, cell and land phones as well as the fall out from television may play a role in disturbed brain activity. I've been replacing Maude's beds with whole sheepskin, wool and all cotton. I'm not sure what to do about the wireless Internet we have; it's become such a staple of the household...but I am being more mindful of her space in relation to the use of the electronics.

People tell me their stories, 99% of which are sad sad stories and I have to keep telling myself that every dog is different and that she has me to look out for her. I come to understand more and more Keats' theory of negative capability not only as a poetic state of mind, but as a way of being in a world guided by change and uncertainty...It's a balancing act to stay grounded, to soldier on while acknowledging that the Mystery is All. To not pull back from love when loss shakes its finger at you.

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