Friday, October 31, 2008

Another One.....

Monday evening. My optimism failed me. We were all lounging in the living room; I was grading some papers before supper, the dogs were snoozing in front of the fire, drowsy from Ellie’s. Suddenly Maudie sat up her eyes darting around the room as if following a very fast fly, then she fell to her side and went into seizure.

I reached down to where her muzzle would’ve hit the sharp corner of the settee, wedged my hand between and asked M to bring the Rescue Remedy and Haagen Daz. When it was over and she lifted her head, we gave her RR and as she stood up, offered the ice cream, which she ate.

Because of the RR and the ice cream at the ready, her recovery was much faster this time and I tried to hide my sinking heart from her, focusing instead on her increasing steadiness.

Her breeder has been very supportive.

What triggered it?
? The paps had had their HW meds 3 days previously. Could there be a kind of offgassing?
? I had seen her on the garden path in the dark very interested in something on the ground
The gas fire’s been on for a few weeks. ??
? She was unable to focus in class until I took her outside where she exploded just in time and spent a few minutes crouching as not much came out after the initial dumping of soft, mucousy stool. Afterwards, she was gay as all get out in class and we had fun.

We saw D OB the next day, got an adjustment and I’ve been researching additional measures. Homeopathy in particular…

The hoof beat would suggest idiopathic epilepsy, a problem in the breed. In NC they are doing a study on collies with the dbl MDR1 gene and epilepsy. I wrote but as she’s not on seizure medications she’s not eligible.

Meds aren’t prescribed unless the seizures come more often, and phenobarbitol, adjusted with sodium bromide seems the standard. It makes sense to me that something like Valerian/ Passaflora and the like ---which also have a calming effect—might help.

I wonder if a tab of Formula 303 each evening might work as a preventative. In any case….another medical mystery has landed on my desk… I remain calm, if a little disheartened, preferring to give this one to my head and let the girl herself keep my heart.

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