Saturday, October 18, 2008


The blog has slid out of my ritual and habits.
It is the probably the most common ailment of these thousands and thousands of bloggers. And, well, I caught it.
Part of it is the return to school, part of it is the fact that I’ve kept working in the studio and am exploring new things, part of it is reading through the articles I’m evaluating for DWAA* awards, and part is just ailment.

Just to catch up then.

Maudie and I are now working twice a month at 2 different locations. One in our neighborhood and one a little outside of it.
The second is the library where we started and even though the time is a little inconvenient: Tues pm after a full day of teaching, I can’t give it up. Too many possibilities. There are the 4th grade girls who Maudie adores, most of whom read as well as my college students, and some who need more practice. She really enjoys them. Our last reader, when she was done, sat on the floor with Maudie’s head in her lap while her mom rubbed her tummy. She looked up at me with a “this really IS the life” look.

The Maudie fan club grows wherever she goes. It is clear to see why.
a. she’s arrestingly beautiful
b. she’s personable
c. she’s gentle
When she meets people, she sits square in front of them, looks them right in the face with soft eyes and offers a paw. Her posture is one of humility and delight: her ears are back. Yet she retains her queenliness: she is sitting straight up when she offers her “hand.”

The kids love it when she lies down next to them with that big “ooof” which I have told them is her sound of contentment. And it is.
She sounds like a lion when she slides to the floor and groans. It is a happy song.

I am very very proud of her. When she is working and her eyes turn to mine to check in, I am filled with honor to be her partner.

* Dog Writers Assoc. of America


  1. Just stumbled on to your blog. I too have a Kings Valley dog - technically I have had 4 dogs from Kings Valley. My dog Darcy is a full brother to your dogs mom so we are related!! Darcy is just starting his career - he will be 2 next May and hopefully we will get out to do some rally and obedience showing next spring as well. Here's wishing you many happy days with Maudie.

    Kathy J with Darcy (named after Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice - he is a handsome fellow) and Banner - idiot puppy - but full of potential!

  2. I would love to see photos of your Darcy...