Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maudie's New Jewelery

I don't spend a lot of money on clothes or even books anymore. Between Powell's and Amazon I get most of my books used. And I love libraries.

I DO have a weakness though, for 3 things. Good shoes. Good bags. And dog equipment. Whenever Jane (PDX Contemporary Art) sells a piece of mine, I put the money a.) back into the studio in the form of supplies or (and because i have created a very nicely stocked studio) b) in support of my 3 weaknesses, with dog equipment topping the list.

I just got the package I've been waiting for...Maudie's new martingale and lead made of kangaroo leather. I designed it to match the quilt I made for her as her "go to" spot when we are working. I wanted to use colors that "sing" with HER colors. Mahogany sables have a grey cast to their undercoat; (I think it's a function of the tri color gene that makes a sable into a mahogany sable, sable with lots of black in the coat), There are infinite varieties of brown in her fur,and of course, the inside of her ears and her tongue...are pink. So,the key colors are grey, pink and hazel brown.

The photo of the "jewelery" was taken by the woman who made it. Her name is Shannon and her website is Leashes by Design. Her craftsmanship is superb.

Kangaroo leather is incredibly strong and softens like butter.

Maudie's quilt:

Maudie's grandfather, Ch Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter, is a mahogany sable, as is Maudie.

et voila!

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