Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fickle Sky

It better start snowing, raining or spitting hail here soon, or I’ll be mad as hell. Today there is a tracking seminar that the PNWCollie Club is holding on a farm where the collies they breed are gorgeous. I don’t know much about them otherwise…but they have a lovely look. I saw a male once at the ROSE CITY cluster who really knocked me out….

I trained one of my corgis to track. It was actually kind of romantic; getting up early in the morning when the air was cool, packing hot coffee, wearing wool socks and getting out in a field off a rutted road. Laying track was a thoughtful process and involved colored flags. I enjoyed it.

Maudie loves to use her nose, so she might be quite good.

I was all excited to go with her, but the weather report was for unseasonably cold and seasonably wet weather. Because I had that awful virus for much of the winter, I figured I best beg off…a day spent outside in bad weather might not be the wisest choice.

Of course, now, it is 11am and the sun is bouncing off the wall. The seminar started at 10. Now it COULD be raining in the valley south of here…. but all I know is that it isn’t here and I’m gravely disappointed. If it wasn’t over an hour away, I’d go now…. and probably get there just in time for a windstorm….


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