Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Maudie Story

(This is Ch Tartanside Heir Apparent ROM, Maudie's great x 4 grandfather. I think he's one of the most smashing collies ever...I can see him in her face)

This happened when we went to the vet. I'd put it in the category of an everyday miracle, or the synchronicity of need.

We were standing at the counter to pay our bill having just come out of the exam room. I was trying to absorb the idea that Maudie could have another seizure, trying to juggle the odds in my mind.

Just inside the lobby a well dressed woman with worry drawing her eyebrows together was standing, waiting for word (I learned) about her sick kitty. She saw Maudie and her eyes widened.
Can I meet her?" she asked.
Yes, please, we said.
And so she cried "ooohhhhh" and slipped to her knees whispering you are so beautiful you are so wonderful" and she was choked up and wet eyed.

The whole time I was talking to the tech, paying the bill, this woman was on the floor, in her beautiful wool coat and high heels absorbed utterly in Maude, talking intently to her, who leaned the top of her long head into her chest, wagging her slow tail and sat and offered her paw.

By the time the woman stood up--(she looked like a Julie or a Sally)--her beautiful coat and black trousers were covered in long hair, her hair was mussed, her eyes soft and shining.

Maudie got to come out and do what she loves to do, which is share greetings of a good universe; the woman was comforted, and I got to see my girl in her glory.

It was a lucky moment. Or is this what people call "grace?"


  1. What a gift. What a gift to everyone. What a wonderful story. Champ Tartanside would be proud.


  2. thank you, Mysterious M.