Saturday, March 15, 2008

I had planned to take Maudie and drive down to Albany this morning for the show. Another KV collie is showing in Utility, and I want to meet more people showing collies in performance events. We also could have visited w/LR….

But on our walk last night…damp and dark…I found myself struggling up the hill and then a little clawing started in my throat. By the time I went to bed, my lungs felt fragile, you know, when every breath that expands them sends you coughing…
I could just spit. If I get this virus again…..

So I’m going to try and head this off…stay very warm, hydrated and anti-oxidant-ed. This is finals week, next week is spring break and I had a plan to ride every day.

Under a gloomy sky, in our little green room, papillons piled on the quilt and snoring, Maudie sighing her deep contented sigh…we find ourselves here again. I have plenty to read, excellent company and good toast bread. M is in the studio framing paintings, so the birds have company.
It could be worse.

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  1. There must be an internet virus that attacks people. Well, thank goodness for warm dogs.