Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Pedigree Generator (4 generations)
Browsing on for a leash attachment for a bicycle, I came across this pedigree generator. Just fill in the blanks and it will give you a formatted four gen pedigree. This can be especially handy for email…when my friends and I have talked about pedigrees, we have written tabbed lists that never quite work…

I’m reading Kristina Marshall’s book, Forever Friends: the Dogs of Sunnybank, and in the back she has a section of pedigrees that trace back to the Sunnybank collies through especially ubiquitous producers…most are Sires of Merit who produced in their offspring many successful dogs (thus they were used a lot).

Maudie goes back through quite a few dogs on both sides: Marnus Golden Ruler, Tartanside Heir Apparent, Gambit’s Freeze Frame. It’s pretty exciting to be able to follow that line so clearly. And her enormous charm and gravity seems very in line with those icons of colliedom immortalized by Albert Payson Terhune. ….

It’s another place where the legend acquires bones and walks….

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