Monday, May 23, 2011


Photographs. Just thinking about them makes my imagination sparkle...what they are, what they represent, the joy they create. What it is about seeing and having a good photo, esp of a dog you own and love,  that is so exciting? Is it that  freezing a second in their life  allows you to really look at them, gives you  a talisman, kind of, a touchstone, by which to memorize them? And they grow so quickly from youth into old age....having a photo like this one, on the bridge between adult and puppy hood...lets me keep this glance for as long as I need it.
It also allows me to introduce Ike to the world...and the care and focus it holds is emblematic of the love he receives.

It is not so mysterious really. We all want photos of our beloveds. I am thrilled to have these that Linda Crossland took..they are just perfect.

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