Saturday, May 28, 2011


Slowly turning the lens to bring things into focus.... because focus is what I really want. There are so many venues, so many breeds, so many gorgeous puppies within the breeds; it is like a pastry shop and at times I am overwhelmed by desire, dreams, detours...

It occurred to me lately that the people who are achieving what I most want to achieve are doing it one, or at most two, dogs at a time. They are the people who create close, flexible, relationships with their dogs and the evidence is the trail of titles that glitters as they go. They don’t get distracted by the possibilities of every pretty new litter; they are committed to the dogs they have and they don’t have TIME to get distracted.

Yes, I want a CH in front of my dogs’ names...I like the balance of fore and aft, but that is not more important than any of the other titles I want to wear... or can earn with the dogs I have.  Emma has a UCH...and she may never get an AKC CH unless I send her off with a handler...or show 10x as much as I am doing now....

I love the breed ring, but it is the work in the obedience ring and the library and the sheep pen where I feel most challenged and most at home.

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