Monday, October 22, 2007

The Meantime. A Lull.

I keep having this vague sense of some impending task that sits heavy and jagged. I’m not sure what it is. It could be that I need to clean the house, or it could be the certification test, or the In service day at work. Or watching the Red Sox game and anticipating the World Series. (The Red Sox always get me so charged up, and I'm not sure I like begin that excited...!!!) Or that my bike, again, with the new longer Brooks saddle and Albatross bars needs adjusting.

M and I went for a 7.5 mile ride today on the Springwater Corridor. What a great ride, but I was squirming and fidgeting trying to get comfortable; need to change the seat and bar angles.

When we got home I took Maudie out for her run. We have to find another place to run nearby because they’re about to rip up the street –again-- for sewer work. Maybe I should tackle the necessary hills to bike with her to the park. There is a big off lead, fenced in area she could run in. Then bike back. We’d both be in turbo shape …

Tomorrow in class we can work on stay and loose lead walking. Usually she ambles along right next to me, but when she’s excited, she gets distracted (d’uh) and pulls. Her stay has been improving steadily.

I should take her lots of places over the next 2 weeks to work in new and distracting situations. I should be doing that all the time, it’s just that since school started again, I tend to stay home on the days I don’t teach, so I’m not going as many places as I did in the summer. Still,
there’s Home Depot and Pet Smart…both pretty near by. (Is there anywhere left where they aren’t near by??)

Sometime this week we should get a written summary of notes all the volunteers we “visited” took on Saturday. I think they’ll be positive.

But you don’t know what you don’t know. We all have blind spots.

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