Saturday, October 20, 2007

Equipment Lab

It is pouring and the sky is so dark we need lights on in the house. In an hour Maudie and I will leave for the lab at Dove Lewis.

Yesterday I took her to a self serve dog wash for her bath; she didn’t have much fun, but boy is she clean and pretty! Her coat is turning that rich mahogany and the fur along the ridge on her back is slowly turning black. My favorite coat color for a collie…Her ruff and paws are sparkling white. Up top is a photo of her grandfather, Ch Twin Oaks High Plains Drifter, also a mahogany sable.

I am nervous! I know it’s not a test, but my perverse imagination is running amok: I picture her refusing to get on the elevator, or tuning out and turning her back on everyone. Offering a big No thank you all around.

The disciplined imagination pictures ease, success, relaxed laughter and perfect interactions. But when you’ve pledged, as a writer, to excavate the darkest ravines of your psyche…a well-mannered imagination is not at all what you cultivate…

So once again…I find myself with a foot in two worlds…..sigh.

Once I arrive, I am sure I will rise to the occasion; after all, I am a member of a team, AND the leader of the team. I can do that.

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