Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1st AKC show

Last Sunday, September 8, Felix turned 6 months old and so we entered for the 2nd day of the Eugene KC show in Brownsville.  It is a sweet venue, a small park rung round by a creek.  The papillon people are an agreeable bunch and we brought home ribbons for RWD. The boy was VERY good n the table and on the ground he was a dervish....thrilled with the idea that all those people and dogs had come out to see him.... :-)

He is a ton of fun this puppy...catches on very fast and is brimming with confidence and good will. We will do a lot together!


  1. Elizabeth - Cute photo! When you get a chance, can you send me a quick email? I've got a couple questions for you.

  2. A lovely boy, though not a fan of showing dogs.