Friday, June 7, 2013

A Miracle and a Jolt

Friday, March 1    
    I decided to call the vet to get an appointment for Dr McCoy to look at Flynn's teeth.  I also noticed that when she was lying down, she was slowly stretching her neck out straight and high and thought she might be having neck strain. When I mentioned this , the tech told me to get her to the closest vet ASAP because that was a sign of difficulty breathing. I called around but no doctors were available so I called NoPo back and said I was going to drive up and please be ready for us. As soon as we arrived Flynn was given an IV, some Lasix and plopped in the Oxygen box.  Luckily the radiologist was there...but Flynnie was breathing so hard the x rays weren't clear. At one point they thought she had a collapsed lung and possibly a we were to go to Dove Lewis. Dr McCoy who happened to be in for a meeting ended up staying with us as well as driving us to Dove act of kindness I will never forget. We met Maree Doolin in ICU and Flynn stayed the night in the O box there....but there were clear x rays and they showed no collapse and no mass....just advanced congestive heart failure.        Silence. No tapping of keys.        The cardiologist who came later told us that her valves were not fitting together properly and that one of the tendons that opened and closed on half of the valve was torn. She could go for a month...she could go for a year.

Either way, a spotlight shone on my perfect companion and best beautiful kind funny intelligent Flynn...My princess, every curve and color of whom I adored.

We were served. We were given notice.

My heart is breaking in anticipation of her absence...but I also acknowledge the holiness of the miracle that brought us to help when I had no idea how close she was to dying. I think  this journey will contain more of the miraculous. How could it not? We have been a miracle from the start.


  1. Enjoy your togetherness; it's the best we have.

  2. It's not the absence that counts but the togetherness . . . enjoy.

    But I know what you mean, I just don't want to think it three more times.