Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Herding Titles!

I have been herding with the shelties for about 1.5 years now...with some intensity.  We have grown to love it and look forward to every chance we get to be in the field.   In the beginning of September we travelled to Gig Harbor, WA for a 2 day trial...our first real trial.... and Both Emma and Ike earned an AKC HT title in 2 trials.  (You have to pass twice under different judges.)  It was grand.
The HT tests were scheduled for the end of the day so we hung around Pack Leader Farm and watched a lot of different dogs work. We were the only shelties there though.
Emma is an especially talented sheepherder; she is subtle and instinctive and just a joy to work. We finished the test in under a minute and a half...and probably would've done so faster if it weren't for me being a little poky and stopping to "fix things" which would have fixed themselves had I just kept moving.

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