Monday, February 21, 2011

A True Path

And then there were....more. I have a new blue merle puppy out of Shannalee's Kohlman

and a Lacewood bitch. I got him from Sylvia and the whole experience was very fruitful. I got to know Sylvia some...including her genetic foot in some steamy modernism...and because I declared the desire for a show dog, I learned a great deal about wickets and prophecy and knuckles and structure and fractions of inches of growth a week. Ikey as we call him him, or Kensil's Supernatural, has been riding over the top of the chart for awhile now; at 22 weeks he is about 14"...I have to measure him again. But I'm not thinking I have a breed dog here....

But there was a moment...first time we met actually...and I was drawn to him. I held him upside down in my arms and he gave me the most intense long look. I liked that.
He and his 2 blue brothers came to live with us for about a month. They were just about 8 weeks when they came and 12 when they went back to Eugene and that very day all of them were claimed. Smokey was the show dog of the 3 but he just didn't touch me...there was no spark there between us. He ended up going to a home where he just may bring a new show person into the all is good.

Ikey's a cool dog. Not as laid back as Fergus, not as driven as Emma, but he has fortitude and focus and he learns super fast. He likes to carry things around in his mouth which I see as a bonus and his fronts are miraculous.

I've been maddeningly laid up with one thing or another, and back to teaching full time and so I worry about all the time like sand slipping away...but we go to Ellie's weekly. And when I'm well I walk him daily. When he was little I took him and his brothers on lots of outings to shops and big stores so that was a plus.

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