Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 03 2010

I’m writing a poem a day again with a small group of writers. It’s my 4th month, which means I have about 120 rough drafts to work from.
When I started the 4thDog, back in 06, I wrote for the blog every day…

I have an idea to sift out all the dog training/showing poems and put them in a collection. I mean how many books of poems about dog shows are there!?! And I don’t think these are sentimental or overwrought…but about precision, moments. about seeing things, about miracles, joy and disappointment.

I can honestly say that there aren’t too many places in the world I’d rather be than a dog show; for me it is such an intense experience, a pastry shop for the eye, the best shopping I can imagine, a day spent with my dog, and the always complicated and strange interactions with people.

They are remarkable phenomenon. My friend said it was like every weekend all over America these odd, often large, tent cities would be erected…like well equipped refugee camps…and then by Monday they would gone without a trace…until next weekend…when the world would make itself anew.

For most people there, what is at stake is huge…passion, power, a livelihood, community dynamics, a sense of personal value.

The poems indulge what is at stake for me there…hard to define…but I have a long and diverse experience with them. I think I am now enjoying them more than ever…people don’t hold as much power over me as they once did, I have accomplished a lot with my dogs, and the people I am involved with I find to be---for the most part---kind, humane, funny and interesting.

Maybe I’ll try some of them out here.

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