Thursday, September 3, 2009

Un Petite Update

Yes!! We found Mark a puppy. A tricolor sheltie boy with a remarkable temperament, intelligence and structure. He is a little rock, the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln…the bearer of the key. He is Fergus, (primarily Kensil)and just a fabulous little dog. Very likely will go oversize. But this is no matter to an obedience team.

And Emma and I ROCKED the park in Albany the weekend of the UKC English Shepherd Specialty. We got 2 Group 1 s and a Group 3 and are one win away from a UCH….which I find thrilling primarily because it was fun and we did it all ourselves!

September 1 was Emma’s 1st birthday and we took all the dogs, my mother and sister and their 2 paps, to the coast. It was a fabulous beach run…a clear temperate weekday, 7 dogs radiating joy and awe.

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  1. Liz -
    It's been an exceedingly long time, and now you have two more shelties in addition to your collie!! I have been thinking of you lately as I have a new addition myself - a year old Doberman sweet boy, Silas. We are going to work on getting him into therapy dog work as well - he just got his CGC. I definitely need to pick your brain at some point. Hope you, the pooches, the birds, and M are well.

    Otis says hi....