Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Maudie Visits the Chiropractor

My dogs have a chiropractor. He is a strange and gifted soul.

Flynn first went to him after the 3rd time I found her under the table
shaking so hard I thought her muscles would spring. The vet’s diagnosis was constipation and she spent the day in hospital with a subQ line and periodic emptying….and the 3rd time we went to our favorite vet who looked t the X rays of her bowels and said it was probably her back that was behind all the trouble. So up the I-5 we trundled to see the guy all the dogs see. She has been seeing him once a month or so for a year and is doing fine.

I love the relationship they have. He says “Hello Beautiful” and looks into her eyes, and she looks back with her dark dark liquid eyes full of feeling. I love watching him work, one hand moving in little circles on the bottom of his clipboard, the other searching out the places where the road has buckled. All the while Flynnie is still looking at his face, trying to read his roadmap.

Last time we went I mentioned Maudie’s seizure and told him about my suspicions regarding the Interceptor. His response was too complicated for me to quite follow (darn it), but I kept hearing the right words, like blood brain barrier, cerebellum, liver…and so I brought her in the next week.

She was nervous being in the little room at first, certain she was at the vet’s and certain she didn’t want to be there, but he worked his charm on her. He spent long minutes adjusting her atlas, slowly slowly, and at one point she stopped fidgeting, sighed and held very still. Bingo. She practically fell asleep. Below the sound outside of chainsaws and lawn mowers we listened to her breathe.

On our way out she actually leaped up as I got her in the wagon and I think her energy has been brighter. Today we went for our second visit. She was panting and pacing at first, but by the time we left, she was all melted and calm and sad to see him go.

I have no doubt that he is helping both my girls. It’s not just about moving pieces of bone back into place, it’s about lining up the planets of the body so that energy moves freely; on ball bearings rolling…up and down from head to tail, out their eyes and back again.

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