Friday, December 7, 2007

getting started...

Been so busy and the moments have been piling up. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to think about capturing them all, having the presence of mind to do them justice, holding them still long enough to remember what stirred at the center.

But winter has announced herself with her great gusts of wind, her gowns and trains of rain, her icy jewels. When winter comes I am always moved to write more; it just takes signing that document with my air know, the one you sign on the invisible contract, the one that holds you to your daily promise.

But that’s nothing to do with it, is it.

So. Maudie and I have our ID badges and our first assignment in January, which is in the Read to the Dogs program at the Capitol Hill Library. And the nursing home around the corner wants teams, so I’m waiting to catch a moment to go meet the director and look around.

It’s true. Everyone wants to work with kids and there are boxes and boxes of buildings filled with elderly people---ew, coming smack up against the need for different words: elderly people, nursing home….
who sit and wait. Puppies and kittens always get adopted first….

I feel pretty sure that Maudie herself would like to work with older people, so we’ll look for a place we can go to for them. I want to try and work both ends of the time line and we’ll see what starts to shake loose as our best fit.

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  1. You know, when I got Angel certified I wanted to work with the elderly, not the kids. But we never had time and still don't... and my social anxiety keeps me from doing it too. =P